Head of Product Design and Creative Director



Boxbee was an on-demand storage company servicing New York and San Fransisco. When I joined as Head of Product, users could schedule deliveries and pick-ups of their items in storage, but that was the extent of the digital product. We wanted them to be able to select the type and quantity of storage units (IE bins vs wardrobe bags vs shoe bags, etc), inventory their items, and have a calendar that keeps track of scheduled deliveries and pick-ups. My role as Head of Product was to design a web experience and mobile app that cater to these services. I was later promoted to Creative Director, as my responsibilities grew to include a rebrand of the company's visual identity and voice.


App Wizard

Screens that first time users swipe through to understand the service.



When the user taps "Get Started", they are walked through a series of screens that function to both onboard the user and to schedule their first delivery of empty boxes.


Management of Items

Existing users need the ability to schedule pickups and deliveries, inventory what they are putting into storage and search what they currently have in storage.


Custom App Icons


Custom Illustrations