Head of UX/UI




Freshly is a ready-made meal subscription service. Customers can manage multiple subscriptions - say one to home, one to work and one to grandma. Each subscription allows for a different number of meals, sent to different addresses, on different days, paid for on different credit cards. All of these details, including which meals are received, can be changed week to week, and applied either as a default to a particular subscription, or simply to one unique delivery.

My focus as Head of UX/UI anchored around building an intuitive, responsive interface for existing customers to manage this wide array of functionalities; an interface that would also get customers excited about using the product, through enjoyable interaction design and photo-centric layouts.



For users to view and make changes to upcoming deliveries.


Meal Editor

To add and remove meals from an individual delivery. 


Meal Detail

To learn more about a meal.


Custom Icon Creation

I created Freshly branded icons to help communicate various value props, like sugar-free, gluten-free, paleo and so forth.