Recommendations from Past Employers



Celia was very easy to work with. Super friendly, very receptive to feedback, and a good eye for clean design. Hope we cross paths again!

Alissa Umansky  |  Associate Creative Director at R/GA




Celia is a very talented creative director, including graphic and interaction design. She is highly constructive at every state of the design process, from initial idea to pixel perfect designs. Celia can take the vaguest of briefs and quickly create beautiful and intuitive designs. The speed at which she works is particularly remarkable. We worked together at Boxbee on many web and mobile design iterations, and Celia was very comfortable in a fast moving culture where requirements frequently changed. Celia was equally talented at creating and owning the company's Brand. Using this, she created great marketing materials; from van decals to print and slide decks.

Alex Finnemore  |  Director of Product at Boxbee

As Creative Director of Boxbee, Celia was inventive, meticulous, thorough and communicative. She also was extremely hard-working, sometimes pulling long nights and weekends to get last-minute requirements wrangled into shape. She worked extremely well with engineering. Design assets were beautifully rendered with all the required information needed to communicate dimensions, actions, complex UI interactions, colors, etc. She is a great verbal communicator as well. Celia is a pleasure to work with and helps to create a fun, collaborative culture of excellence. Above all, Celia strives to embody the product and the end-user in her designs and thinking, which is an incredible asset to any team.

-Ambi Sidhu, Senior Software Engineer at Boxbee


Sonic Notify

now called Signal360


There is no questioning that Celia has an amazing visual style and artistic design expertise. At Sonic Notify she was responsible for designing everything from the consumer/investor facing brand, website, and more importantly mobile proximity creative, apps and the companies most important product the CMS (Content Management System.) I was most impressed with Celia's ability to learn new things and quickly go from amateur to expert, for instance quickly learning Adobe After Effects to create a promotional video. Most importantly, she was asked to redesign the CMS system which required both a beautiful but also usable and user friendly product. 
A great team member, I would not hesitate to recommend Celia.

Alex Bell | CEO of Sonic notify

Celia is an incredibly talented, motivated, and creative resource who was largely responsible for our company's successful rebranding, accomplished through a fast and strong collaborative process. would recommend her highly for design roles.

Aaron Mittman  |  Advisor of Sonic notify

We brought Celia onboard to help speed up the design-side of the Sonic Notify CMS and while she did that incredibly well, she did so much more. Celia has a very keen eye for the details that make a design "just right". Both her ability to deliver on time and to deliver beautiful designs make her a top talent!

Johnathan Glanz  |  Founder of Sonic notify